Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tips on What NOT to Do When Applying for Disability Benefits in Indiana

If you are applying for disability benefits in Indiana, you may wonder if there are things that will hurt your case in the process. Certain circumstances, such as working while applying, can affect the final decision that is made and not in a good way. Here are some things that you should be cautious of when waiting to hear a result from SSA:

Working. This may seem obvious but many people will attempt to go back to work while applying for disability. A failed work attempt will not negatively affect you, but if you find that you are able to earn over the SGA (Substantial Gainful Activity) amount, which is $1,000 monthly, you will become ineligible for benefits. Even if you are earning below this level, working part time for more than three months continuously will not be in your favor.

Not Seeing a Doctor. When Social Security reviews your medical records, they want proof that you are currently being treated by a physician. They are more interested in how your conditions currently are affecting your ability to work than how they did in the past. It is extremely crucial to receive continuous medical treatment while applying to prove that your conditions are disabling.

Receiving Unemployment. Many people choose to be on Unemployment benefits while applying for disability. This will not cause your claim to be denied, but Social Security does ultimately take this into consideration when making a decision due to the contradictory statement you are making (being unable to find a job vs. being completely unable to work). Plus, if you receive Unemployment it will offset the potential disability benefits you may be awarded.

Incarceration. Going to jail will not automatically cause you to be denied. However, if you have a felony, Social Security will not consider you eligible for benefits until you have cleared it. Likewise, if you have a pending felony warrant for your arrest, you will not be qualified for benefits. Social Security takes incarceration very seriously and will need proof that you have cleared any warrants when you first apply.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse. You will not be able to receive disability benefits if you are currently abusing drugs and alcohol. Also, this addiction by itself is not enough to win a disability case for you. If you have had drug and alcohol problems in the past but are no longer abusing them, Social Security will take this into consideration. If they find that using drugs and alcohol made your conditions worse, it will be harder to receive a favorable decision. Getting a doctor to write a statement stating that you are not currently violating drugs and alcohol if you have had problems in the past will help your case immensely.

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